Bohemian Rhapsody


Winner:  Golden Globe for Best Motion Picture Drama
Nominated:  Academy Award for Best Motion Picture of the Year
Nominated:  BAFTA for Best British Film
Nominated:  BAFTA for Best Cinematography

I shot 5 weeks of Bohemian Rhapsody including the VFX unit and additional photography. For the VFX unit we  shot individual crowd members on greenscreen from a multi camera array that allowed Double Negative to create and manipulate a crowd of real people known as Sprites. This was for all the crowds at the various concerts culminating in Live Aid.

I also shot large groups of crowd from a Technocrane to create the various stages of the opening shot that starts from a birds eye view of Wembley and ends on a close up of Freddie.

The additional photography was a mixture of Technocrane and handheld coverage of the Live Aid crowd directed by Dexter Fletcher that allowed them to include almost the entire performance in the film.

Director:  Dexter Fletcher
Producers:  Graham King, Dennis O'Sullivan, Richard Hewitt
Production Company:  20th Century Fox
VFX Supervisor:  Paul Norris
VFX Producer:  Tim Field
Gaffer:  John Clarke
Grip:  David Cadwallader
Focus Puller:  Ian Coffey
Clapper Loader:  Maiya Rose
DIT:  Ollie Martin

Shot On:  Arri Alexa 65, DNA Primes, Zeiss Zooms